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Chinese leaders urge all-out efforts to save injured in Tianjin blasts更多>>
Xi to attend events as China sends positive signals on open economies China will send positive signals of supporting free trade and facilitating investment to inject positive energy into open economies during the APEC events to be attended by President Xi Jinping next week, senior officials said on Friday. 2020-10-7
SINGAPORE - A consortium led by Singapores sovereign wealth fund GIC and international private equity firm Olympus Capital has invested an additional 6 million in Huaxia Dairy Farm in China, GIC said in a statement on Wednesday. 2020-10-3
Therefore, I believe we can do more in the rail sector, Ding said. 2020-10-16
BEIJING - Discipline inspectors sent by Chinas central authorities to expose corruption have uncovered clues related to wrongdoing, the discipline watchdog of the Communist Party of China (CPC) said on Wednesday. 2020-10-27
According to Jilins provincial education bureau, the Fanglin Kindergarten gave some children the prescription medicine moroxydine ABOB without informing parents, to prevent kids from catching a cold or other disease. 2020-10-1
No other party can substitute the rural family status in contracting land and no matter how the right to contract for management is transferred, the right to contract collective land belongs to rural families, it said. 2020-10-25
The Ministry of Civil Affairs said Sunday that the quakes have killed 81 people in the city of Zhaotong. 2020-10-30
Robert also advises young people not to work for money. 2020-10-4
Confucius cemetery mapped for better management更多>>
The technology could be used to separate particles from solvents in the manufacture of medication, and to transform seawater into clean drinking water. 2020-10-13
Chinas outbound investment has amounted to more than trillion so far, according to the Ministry of Commerce. 2020-10-22
Immigration data shows that more than 60,000 would-be migrants were suspended in the programs backlog, and many of them had paid their Cmillion application deposit over a year ago. 2015-10-6
Within weeks of his presidency, Macron has shown his pragmatism by actively engaging China, the US, Germany and other global players and extolling the benefits of coordinated action on climate change. 2018-11-18
Chinas urbanization ratio hit 52. 2018-9-25
Once, she was given 10 pages of written homework, which made her cry, and she had to make every effort to complete it. 2015-7-26
The obesity rate in the capital ballooned from 14 percent in 2006 to 20 percent in 2013 - significantly higher than the national average - according to the annual Report on Beijing Healthy City Construction, which was released on Monday. 2019-7-10
Without security, there would be no development to speak of, he said. 2018-3-5
Fast-food chains and food vendors at shopping centers have also seen large numbers of customers.
Its not only for the sake of food safety, but also for security and anti-theft purposes.
This is a key criterion in B2C bodies platform selection.
The Argentines, meanwhile, are hoping that Angel Di Maria will recover from a thigh injury to play in the final.
Beijingers experienced thick smog in the morning and haze from a yellow sandstorm in the afternoon, resulting in poor air quality, reduced visibility and disrupted traffic.
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1 percent for January-May.  Investors Service Inc.
He added that in 2017, it would open a robot-managed hotel in the southern city of Shenzhen.  He and the participants arrived at the hotel room on the afternoon of Sept 7.
Chinas military pentathletes win big at home更多>>
7 percent year on year, while its NPL ratio rose to 2. 2017-6-17 
A multilateral investment deal would also be useful to make it easier to invest in developing countries, he said. 2016-1-1 
If those projectiles were fired from the modified multiple- rocket launchers, it would pose a great threat to South Korea. 2015-3-5 
that there must be a green financial system going forward, he said. 2018-10-19 
The Ministry of Public Security announced late Monday that it had dispatched a working team to Tianjin to oversee the investigation. 2019-3-20 
But he said the concentration of both PM2. 2017-11-22 
I wanted to visit the domino-styled tombstones after I watched them on television, Wang Fengtong, a resident of Beijings Fengtai district, said. 2016-12-19 
  Economy has sufficient ammunition to drive growth, CPPCC member says更多>>
Zhang was speaking on the sidelines of the Summer Davos Forum in Tianjin. 2018-3-2 
At these galas, some company leaders like to wear strange costumes instead of the usual business suits, and perform for their employees. 2019-3-30 
The Chinese companys decision came days after a US government group warned potential investors of major risks if they buy shares in companies like Alibaba whose company structure is a complex and highly risky scheme of legal arrangements. 2019-6-30 
According to Dong, the companys sales will increase by at least 20 billion yuan (. 2018-6-5 
Ive been very emotional the whole morning. 2018-4-9 
At State level, effective intervention requires cross-border cooperation, he said. 2018-5-8 
She sold the car and used the money to open her own studio. 2018-11-8 
Tourists visit Red Beach in NE China更多>>
Xi, also chairman of the Central Military Commission, called on the armed forces personnel to be firm in faith and loyal in mission. 2019-4-24 
Passing the suicide doors, the back passenger will seat and lean on the intelligent foam sofa that shapes automatically in accordance to the passengers sitting position. 2018-2-5 
One of the blasts was caused by a suicide bomb attacker who blew himself up inside the police station, said the Britain-based monitoring group. 2015-2-23 
A passenger can choose one of the 38 beds available, 28 of which are business-class seats and 10 are bean-pods brought from Finland. 2018-3-27 
[Photo by Li Jianshu / For China Daily] A construction worker installs scaffolding on the top of a building at sunset in Shanghai, Nov 13, 2012. 2018-11-24 
Since the living being was transparent, scientists could see its blue and brown viscera clearly. 2018-2-9 
Neither the local police nor Wang could be reached for comment. 2015-8-25 
Though this was unchanged from 2012s level, the slump in other major cities office prices has pushed Beijing up in the rankings. 2015-7-15 
  Sun Yat-sen portrait displayed in Beijing更多>>
Li spoke at an industry forum alongside the China-Russia Internet Media Forum & China-Russian New Media Youth Leadership Summit, held on Friday and Saturday in Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province. 2017-8-25 
Twenty Shibi, or masters of religious ceremonies who are the most knowledgeable people regarding traditional Qiang culture, performed a traditional sheepskin drum dance to commemorate the quake victims on Sunday morning. 2015-8-10 
The company allocates 250 hours every year for training. 2019-4-12 
Keller added Nestl innovates and develops high-quality healthy foods that promote bone health and prevent cardiovascular diseases. 2016-7-21 
A full moon can be clearly seen in the sky over the Ganyu county, Jiangsu province, Sept 19. 2015-7-12 
Clouds cannot block the sun forever, said Naserden. 2017-11-10 
Fitow made landfall in Fujian Province, just south of Zhejiang, early on Monday and brought heavy rain to east China. 2016-10-9 
In the 1970s, the then leaders of China and Japan reached an understanding to leave the issue of the Diaoyu Island to be resolved later. 2018-3-2 
Theresa May delivers New Year message of friendship更多
China trials new interest rate reform更多
  Also among the pledges is a 10-year, one billion dollars peace and development fund to support the UN. [Photo by Wang Zhuangfei/ China Daily]Those who buy flowers for Valentines Day may not realize that eight out of 10 roses come from the Kunming Dounan Flower Market in Yunnan province, the largest flower market in China. Zhu Wenqing, a 40-year-old farmer in Majiagou Village in Meichuan Township, said he had just got up when the house started shaking. In Australia, the premier will also attend the fifth annual meeting of the Chinese and Australian prime ministers, Hua added. They use WeChat Pay in wide-ranging ways: for restaurants bills, online and offline shopping, digital transactions for hotel bookings and travel tickets, and even to pay street vendors.
  The initiative to establish the AIIB is a constructive move. The initiative comes in response to a series of shortages of commonly used and low-price drugs. On Thursday, a court in east Chinas Shandong Province sentenced one person to death and two others to life in prison over a fatal arson attack that was triggered by a land dispute. Currently, Beijing has 70 barrier-free cabs, a legacy from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.